At Celtic Academy we believe dance lessons are life lessons and that life goals can be reached through the skills gained from dance education. Irish dance has evolved into a complete wellness program empowering students to progress toward improved health and well being through the application and philosophy and practice of this holistic art form.

Classes are open to students age 3 years to adult offering traditional, contemporary and competitive levels of study.


Our signature program of competitive solo training. This curriculum will put into shape the mind, body and soul with a component in health and fitness. The program is for the serious dancer who wants to compete and be graded in the Eastern Canada Region.

PRIVATE OR SEMI-PRIVATE(two dancers) lessons can be booked outside of group class. Personalized attention and individual corrections are implemented on an individual plan tailored to each student. Goals are set and results are achieved. Our IDP method is for the serious dancer with the heart and desire to excel and the ability to succeed!

Strength Training for Irish Dancers

This class concentrates on stretching and strengthening principles for students to increase their range of motion and overall level of physical fitness. This segment focuses on cardiovascular exercises to warm up the muscles: then works on specific core stretches to increase flexibility for movements required in dance and incorporates strength training movements to develop a stronger, less injury prone dancer.

Beginner Class: Irish Fairies/Irish Basics

An introduction to the basics of traditional Irish dance. This class promotes the students natural sense of movement as well as developing a strong sense of musicality. Emphasis on co-ordination, balance, rhythm and timing are key components. Students learn basic steps including a lead round, beginner reel, and light jig.

Intermediate Class: Irish Foundations

The focus of this class is the development of a well balanced approach to dance. Technical emphasis on posture, placement, and the execution of steps occur at a more progressive level. Steps are taught and combined with musical rhythms including reels, light jigs, slip jigs, single jigs, treble jigs, hornpipes and traditional set dances. Students are provided the opportunity for both technical and artistic growth.

Advanced Class: Competitive Challenge

This level of study is geared to challenge the student at a higher level of performance. Excellence, risk taking and a development of each student’s passion for dance at an elite level of training. Steps become more difficult and the balance between soft and hard shoe dancing is taught with higher cognitive strategies. Students learn Competitive level reels, slip jigs, treble jigs, hornpipes, traditional set dances and contemporary set dances.

Performance Teams Class: Irish Ultimate

A strong focus on team work, respect for self and others and commitment to the group is emphasized throughout the program. While physical fitness is not the only requirement of a great dancer, it is a crucial component. Improvements in fitness give the dancer a wider base from which to operate, rendering her more versatile. Moreover, when dancers don’t have to be concerned with the physical demands of the dance, they can be free to bring their full potential to the forefront.

Year End Dance Recital

The year-end recital will be held in the month of June. It is an opportunity for the students to showcase what they have learned all year in a performance environment to their parents, friends and families. We encourage everyone to take part in this fun and exciting year-end celebration of dance, music and student recognition with Celtic Academy Irish Dance Canada.

Students will require costume for the year end recital.


A gentle, functional dance fitness program designed for adult community members.  Improves health and energy. Increases and maintains strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Participants are guided through dance movements which enhance physical and cognitive functioning, agility and gait. Benefits are improved lower body bone mineral content and muscle power as well as the reduction in the prevalence of falls and cardiovascular health risks. The music is inspired by Ireland’s natural beauty and guides you on a journey of the senses through the sumptuous landscape. Let the tranquil sounds of the Celt wash over you till all is peaceful and calm. Indulge your love of dance, music and movement while strengthening your overall health. It’s time!