1. Parents are required to notify the Academy when their child will be absent from class.

2. Please notify the Academy via email of any change of Contact Information.

3. Students & Parents will show respect to all staff & students. Students should address all instructors by their first name.

4. Long hair must be up and proper dance attire must be worn for all classes. (No denim jeans or street clothes).

5. All students must follow dress code. Appropriate gym shorts, t-shirt, socks and Irish dance footwear must be worn for all classes.

6. All students should be aware of good grooming and hygiene.

7. Deodorant is essential for all older students, and some of the younger students as well. Children perspire when active.

8. *NAMES must be on all dance attire (especially shoes) – as well all outdoor shoes/boots & coats.*.

9. Valuables should not be brought to the class, as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

10. Students will be responsible for any damage they may cause to the class location/ property.

11. There will be NO refunds for missed classes and NO make-up classes except where the said class is cancelled by the Academy.

12. It will be at the Director’s decision as to which students will participate in the local Community Events/Performances.


14. There will be NO GUM CHEWING allowed in class.

15. Children who are not dancing may not be left unsupervised at the Academy locations.

16. Students should be picked up promptly at the end of class time.

17. Students ONLY are allowed in class. Parents and friends are not permitted in class.

18. All students should keep their bodies healthy!! Get proper rest, drink lots water per day, and eat healthy foods for health & injury prevention.

19. Water bottles are permitted in class and should be labelled.

20. It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure you are receiving all updates/news, class cancellations, changes etc..on academy website.

21. PLEASE RESPECT OUR ACADEMY AND ITS LOCATIONS-we must all work together to keep it a safe and healthy environment.